Denitsa Kazakova
Jean-Christophe Ducret
Duo Nova
Denitsa Kazakova et Jean-Christophe Ducret met in July 1992 at the Conservatoire of Lausanne in Switzerland. They started their duo in order to set up a program of street music. This idea, however, materialized only in August of the following year. Their first public performance took place in Guarda, Switzerland. They had an enthusiastic acclaim.
The continuation of their itinerary will be in keeping with the above, with television and radio broadcasts, three CDs and more than 300 radio festival performances, amongst others: Europa Concert, Barcelona. International Musical Weeks, Sofia. Palacio de Mateus, Portugal. National Palais of Culture, Bulgaria. Hubbard Hall, Cambridge, USA.
Their 4 participations at international competitions in Europe resulted in 4 awards:
1st prize at the Concours du Jura 1995, including a special prize by the jury.
1st prize at the 1996 International Competition of the Guitar Seminar in Frechen, Köln, Germany. Among the 30 ensembles participating, 13 countries were represented, such as Germany, Denmark, Japan, Greece, Switzerland, and Bulgaria
1st prize at the International Competition of 20th century Music for Guitar Chamber Ensembles in Lagonegro, Italy in 1998.
3rd prize at the International Competition Mauro Giuliani, in Bari, Italy.
While completing their studies at the Conservatoire of Lausanne, Duo Nova have benefited from precious advice by renown musicians such as Dusan Bogdanovic, Jean-Jacques Balet, Marie-Annick Nicolas, Hubert Käppel and mainly Dagoberto Linhares.
International Festival Lagonegro, Italie. Schubertiade Espace 2, Suisse. Art et Musique au Château Mercier, Sierre, Suisse. Schlosskonzert, Spiez, Suisse. Orpheus, Literatuhaus, Wien, Austria. Ernen Musikdorf Festival, Suisse.