Denitsa Kazakova
Jean-Christophe Ducret
Denitsa Kazakova
Born in Pleven, Bulgaria, Denitsa Kazakova began to study the violin at the age of four with her mother and then with Anton Hadjiatanassov at the Sophia Conservatoire. At the age of seven she won the "Obretenov" National Competition for Young Violonists. She won other national competitions in 1978, 1983 and 1985. Other awards included a first prize in 1985 at the Broadcast Competition "Concertino Prague" and in 1988 at the International "J.S.Bach" Competition in Leipzig.
In 1989, Denitsa Kazakova settled in Switzerland. A year later, she obtained the 1st prize of virtuosity at the Conservatoire of Lausanne, which recompenses her work with Pierre Amoyal.

Among others, she won the following competitions : 1st prize and gold medal at the Concours international d'interprétation musicale " Maria Canals " in Barcelona (1993), prize of the Association " Samson François" at the Concours " Jacques Thibaud " in Paris (1993), and 1st prize at the Concours Haydn-Mozart of the Geneva Conservatoire (1997).

Denitsa Kazakova lives near Lausanne, sharing her activity between her concert career and teaching the violin at the Conservatoire of Neuchâtel.