Denitsa Kazakova
Jean-Christophe Ducret
One of the richest and most subtile combinations one can imagine in chamber music is certainly that of the violin and the guitar . Duo Nova is one of the rare permanent ensembles of this kind. In their research for greater scenic and musical freedom, Denitsa Kazakova and Jean-Christophe Ducret have decided to leave their scores and music stands and to play from memory in concerts.
The making of a concert program can be thematic, bi-thematic or can find a delicate balance springing from diversity.The following themes can be grouped by two, some can be extended to a full program:
" Encounter with three Viennese composers of the beginning of the 19th century: Mauro Giuliani, Wenzeslaus Matiega, Franz Schubert."*
"Chamber music by Niccolò Paganini."*
"Ferdinand rebay: the scores dedicated to his niece, the guitarist Gertha Hammerschmied."
"Spanish music: traditional themes springing again at the beginning of the 20th century."
"Contemporary music: the inspiration of words, images and the cosmos."

* Interpreted on copies of instruments of that period.

Duo Nova play Swiss instruments:
The modern violin was made by Pierre Dalphin, Geneva, 1995, and the classico-romantic violin by the violin-maker Pierre Louis, La Neuveville, 2001, after a German violin by Joseph Benedict Bedler, 1795.
The guitar was made by Maurice Ottiger, Les Paccots, 1994.
The romantic guitar was also made by Maurice Ottiger, Les Paccots, 2001, after a French guitar by Henri in Rouen, 1810.